Personal Data Processing Agreement

Consent of the user of the training platform  to the collection and processing personal data

I, the user of the training platform ("Platform"), hereby express my consent to the collection and processing of my following personal data [1] by the BCPD Ltd. private company and “TALANTIZ” LLP (“Company”) for the purposes of my use of the Platform services within the AIFC Leadership Programme, as well as receiving services offered by the Platform.

I understand and accept that:

The company will use my personal data for the purposes specified in the User Agreement.

I can withdraw this consent at any time. However, such my refusal will not affect the legality of the use of my personal data, which was initiated before the date of my withdrawal.

The Consent shall enter into force on the day of its signing and shall be valid for the duration of the User Agreement between me and BCPD Ltd. posted here: User Agreement with the user, 2 (two) years after the termination of this agreement.


[1] For the purposes of this consent, personal data means information relating to a specific or determined on their basis (individual) recorded on electronic, paper and (or) other tangible media.